My Ultimate Travelling Highlights!

So it's been a whole year since me and my little backpack set off on our adventure! Can some one please tell me where this year has gone? Facebook and Timehop are insisting on reminding me everyday what I was doing this time last year and consequently I am suffering with severe holiday/travelling blues. I thought it would be a good idea to go down memory lane and share with you some of my favourite things that I got up to (mostly because everyone else is bored of hearing me talk about it) So I don't bore you like all my friends and family, Ill cut it down to my ultimate highlights from my trip. It is going to be hard to narrow down but here it goes ...

1. Elephants in Thailand 

This was one of things that I was desperate to tick off my bucket list but I was adamant that I did not want to ride them (which I wont get into). Instead me and my friend had heard about Elephant shelters where you can still get up close and personal with them but in a way you where they aren't being put through anything they don't want to do. A friend had recommended the Elephant Retirement home in Chiang Mai, which was not well known and relied on word of mouth for customers. It definitely lived up to my expectations. Elephants are beautiful, clever animals and getting to spend a day with them was incredible. As the retirement home was just setting themselves up there was only 2 adult elephants and a baby ( they did have another adult but the owner took it out to go to a riding park as it made more money :( ) We was a group of about 8 and we got to feed the elephants and then give them a mud bath! This was so much fun and the elephants loved it - cheekily splashing everyone as they went. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I recommend it to anyone over riding! What's better getting to cuddle and bathe a baby elephant or make a poor elephant carry you for miles whilst sitting on a chair on its back?
(please excuse the horrendous attire - they lent us clothing so we didn't get mud all over our own!)

2. Siem Reap - Cambodia 

We were really short on time in South East Asia, but we both wanted to go to Siem Reap so we made an extra long detour along the way back to Thailand. Siem Reap is home to the Angkor ruins which are one of the 7th Wonders of the World. It does make you think how on earth these people built something that magnificent all that time ago! Unfortunately we had a bit of a dodgy tour guide who tried to con us a little and didn't take us to the main Angkor Wat first as he wanted us to do the "2 day tour". After a heated discussion he took us but by this time it was in the midday heat, full of tourists and I was a bit if I dare say 'templed-out'. Being the most famous and biggest temple I wanted to be impressed and I was but because of my mood I much preferred some of the other temples at Angkor.I also dropped my camera and broke it whilst I was here just to add to my bad luck!

3. Fraser Island - Australia.

We did the standard trip of Sydney to Cairns when in Aus, and there is reason why it is the most popular thing to do, as there is so many amazing places along the East Coast! One of my favourite though was Fraser island. We were put into a group of 8, were given a 4x4, food and alcohol for the weekend and off we went on a tag along tour to the island. We got to see incredible lakes, wild dingos, and camp off the beach. At night we had a big party on the beach and ended watching the most incredible stars I have ever seen. Fraser island is basically a big sand dune so driving a 4x4 on it was a bit tricky, I had a go at it though but luckily we had two lovely lads that were willing to take over (I probably scared them a little bit with my braking) 

Lake McKenzie (it rained and was cloudy the day we went, so unfortunately my photos aren't as pretty as others!)

4. Whitsundays Whitehaven beach - Australia

Whilst on the topic of Australia, I just HAD to include Whitehaven beach. I'm sure you have all saw the photos of the beach with the whitest sand ever but its just so beautiful - plus in photos it makes me look really tanned so I thought I would include it! We did a 2 night boat trip around the Whitsunday islands, we went scuba diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding and did a lot of sunbathing whilst taking in the scenery! 

5. Franz Joseff Glacier - New Zealand.

One of the coolest things that I did on my travels was climbing the Franz Joseff Glacier in New Zealand's South Island. It was something I hadn't really thought about doing but didn't want to turn the opportunity down, as the rate at which the glacier is melting means it may not be there much longer. We got a helicopter up to the glacier as its too dangerous to hike up due to the melting. We all got kitted out in thermals, boots and spikes (sorry not sure of the correct name!) so we could walk on the ice. When we got up to the glacier though it was so hot we all had to strip down as you can see ! (ha ha). The formations of the glacier were an unbelievable sight its sad to think that it might not be there one day! 

6. Skydiving - Taupo New Zealand

Another thing I wanted to tick off my bucket list when travelling was sky diving! Yes lots of people do it when travelling but its amazing and if you haven't done it please do if you get the chance! We decided to do it in New Zealand Taupo - mainly because it was the cheapest and by this point of the trip money was running  very low. Even so the views of the lake were amazing and we got to jump out of a pink plane! You can't put into word the feeling of jumping out of plane its such a surreal experience. Although I loved it, it did make me feel so sick afterwards!

I included a bit more on this post than anticipated but I have so many things I want to show!
 I hope you liked looking at my ultimate highlights, has anyone done anything similar? or would like to? What is on your bucket list? Let me know :) 

Helena xxx 


  1. The sort of list you can only post on a travel blog without people tutting. Mine probably 1 wild camping in primary amazonian rainforest, 2 getting stuck in peruvian road blockade 3 lock in at family bar watching f1 in majorca 4 making giant mona Lisa out of toast in Matera and 5 watching a splashy family of manta rays in O'ahu. ..

  2. i just follow your blog<3