Glastonbury 2015!

So I recently experienced my second Glastonbury festival (first being in 2013) and it never fails to impress me. When Worthy Farm is in action, the festival site is apparently on scale to the size of Oxford! (Now I haven't been to Oxford mind you, but I've been to Glastonbury and my feet will tell you that its quite large). Its a beautiful, crazy, happy, mad but yet peaceful place to be. You're in your tent one minute, to moshing in crowds of people the next, to being in a power ballad yoga session or meditating in the healing fields. I just love it. I'm a fan of festivals in general but Glastonbury has something special.

I thought I would share with you some of my highlights of the weekend (we were actually there for 5 days. Yes I did smell, and no I didn't care!) so you could see some of the things we got up to!

A view from the hill, pretty lights!
Whats a festival without flags? Lots and lots of flags.

A few ciders in the sun later and I'm taking selfies with a bright red nose. 

Well HELLO Liam Fray..

Unknowingly gormless shot of me, beautiful sunset.
Not sure how many ciders in this was...looking at my grin a lot.
I think this was Florence? She was incredible. Pyramid stage looks pretty too.

Trying to protect the bright red nose.

Waiting for Yeeeeeeeezus. (Kanye West) - who I have to say did disappoint me lots. Don't cut short Gold Digga when I'm in my zone. (major cringe at myself )
Looking clean - This was on the first night before I got rained on, weed on, sun burnt, beer thrown on me (probs more wee) and god knows what else. 

Waiting for Lionel Riche - What a babe. Favourite of the weekend.

Last night - looking like I've been dragged through a bush with that frizz.

Catching up with our friends after they played BBC Introducing Stage and the Blues stage.
Check them out Cold Fever and Hype Hyphen - very cool brothers.

Did anyone else go to Glastonbury this year? What were your best bits? Let me know!

Helena x


  1. It looks like it was a great experience!

    1. So much fun!! Have you ever been to any festivals? Xx

  2. This looks incredible! I've never been to a festival but I'm desperate to! Your photos are great too, hopefully I will get a chance to go in the future!

    Emma xx ||

    1. Thanks :) You should definitely go to a festival!! Even if it's a smaller one they are so much fun - if you can cope with the camping haha xxx