5 things that graduates feel after moving back home

It's that time of year where graduation photos start blocking up my news feed and give me a pang of sadness in stomach. It has nearly been 2 years since I graduated and I have no idea where that time has gone (apart from the 5 months of it when I was out of the country). I look back and I can so clearly remember the stress of dissertations and deadlines but also the hilarious nights out with my friends. I am now a graduate living with my parents with a job that doesn't relate to my degree and isn't a career I want to follow. Am I the only one? No. I know that so many other grads must be in my depressing situation and that even graduates that are happy in their career long to back living the student life. 

Heres 5 things that I think most graduates feel when moving back home... and sorry for those recent grads that I have probably depressed even more. 

When do I get my life back? 

So you have finished University, handed in all your assignments and that pesky dissertation which you have been tearing your hair out over for the past 8 months is gone. Massive relief and pride that you somehow managed to survive it all comes over you. And you think "ah finally I get my life back". Wrong. Maybe for a couple a weeks but then reality hits and everyone moves back home. You find yourself back in your old bed room with all your mates from college in full-time jobs and the idea of going out on a Tuesday night just doesn't exist. This results in going out on the weekend where £1 jagerbombs turn into £8 and all the weirdos you avoided as a student are everywhere- either that or you suddenly feel really old. And gone the days of eating McDonald's on the landing at 5am with your house mates. Now coming home after a night out turns into mission impossible, when even the task of turning on the bathroom light seems to echo the whole house. You then get bombarded with a ton of questions in the morning like  "what time did you come home last night?" Mum just give me bacon. I need bacon. So basically, say bye to your life because night outs are 3 times a year rather than a week and suddenly everyone is "saving". After working full time all week you are probably grateful for this because it now takes 3 days to get over a hangover.  

Am I ever going to move out again?

You have moved back home to your parents as its the cheapest and easiest thing to do. The fridge is full, you get your meals cooked for you and you can actually use the central heating. So why wouldn't you want to stay? Well because everything you do is being watched. Does it really matter if I don't take that bin bag out right now this second? Apparently it does as if I don't I'm sustained to endless moaning. Moving out is much beyond my earnings and saving for a deposit at this rate will see me into my early 30s. So lucks like I'm stuck here a little while longer. 

Why do all my friends live so far away? 

You're used to your friends living down the corridor (even though you would still Whatsapp them to see who was making tea when you heard the kettle boil). Now they are all at different ends of the country and finding a time when everyone is free to meet up is extremely difficult - which sucks because I miss my friends! 

How come everyone has their life together and I don't?

Talking about uni friends. By now most of them have a career of their choice, be that teachers, OTs nurses etc. Some have their own houses and some even getting engaged. Yet I'm still sat here thinking what the hell to do with my life. I always knew I wanted to go travelling so I saved up and went and did it. I wasn't really thinking of what I wanted to do afterwards. Luckily I came back to a full time job but finding the time to apply for jobs is proving difficult! Most graduate jobs expect 3 years experience for an entry level role, you need experience to get experience now days. I'm not sure what my path is quite yet but hopefully I will get there soon.

I don't want to be an adult any more 

To sum this post up. I don't want to be an adult, responsibilities are not fun. I want to be a student sitting in my PJs watching endless episodes of One Tree Hill and 90210 wondering if the chicken in the fridge is safe to eat. Without the worry of jobs, careers, mortgages and bills. Don't get me wrong there's part of my student life I do not miss and parts of my life now that i love but things were just so much more fun as a student. *sighs* I suppose we all have to grow up some day!

Any graduates that feel the same? or disagree with me? Off I go to search for jobs...

Helena x


  1. I ended up getting a job immediately after graduation so I was kind of thrown in to becoming an adult. I lived at home though during school and while working since I saved money to get my Masters. Now that I just finally finished my Masters degree I feel the same way as you -- I might as well just become a professional student LOL. It's a tough transition, but it's also exciting :)


    1. Congrats on finishing the masters!! It is hard coming back and adapting and like you say it is all exciting. I just need to find a job I can get excited about and then I can take a deep breath and accept that I'm an adult finally (or just become a professional student , what a great idea!) xx

  2. I graduated last year and since then I've had two jobs both related to my degree and I hated them both (this one especially!). I so wish I could go back to having a 3 month summer and doing what I wanted whenever I wanted!
    Being an adult is restricting and boring! Worst part is I'm coming to terms with that I chose the wrong degree subject for me and want to start out on a whole different career path!
    Let's go back to being students!!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. It's so hard knowing what you want to do! I think the only way is to try things and then we can say actually I don't want to do that and then cross it off the list! If you know you want a different career path it's never to late to change! But I agree 3 month summers were the best when it actually felt like you had a break lets go back!

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  4. Great and funny post. I'm not a graduate, so I can't relate, but it's still funny!


  5. I graduated in 2004 and then did a masters to put off real life a bit more. I am still a bit jealous of students...

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